Worm Composting

As a wonderful Christmas present from my husband, I received the Worm Factory 360.  I have loved the beneficial addition of worm castings to my garden, and have been purchasing these from a local supplier, the Green leaf Worm Farm.  However, with all of the left over scraps I have around the house, I figured I could contribute to my garden too, and thought I'd give this a try on a very small scale, NOT the larger one that the Green leaf Worm Farm does. 

So, this being said, I've included some information on the beginning of the worm farm, along with pictures to show the progression of the process.  I'm really excited about this, and hope it works out, and at least reduce some cost to the garden, while getting rid of my food scraps (NO Meat, dairy or any animal products). 

Please remember, this is a learning process, and I've taken to share what I've learned with everyone, and would love to hear any one's insight to this new endeavor.

The worms are located in the upper right hand corner, they are actively eating the food I had placed, and are really going to town.

Keep the worm home moist, but not wet.  

Roxann from Greenleafe Worm Farm, adding the worms to the garden for the first time.

This is the worm food, made by the vegetable and fruit scraps I had frozen.  I then pureed them in the food processor.
This batch has coffee grounds, which they love!

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