Saturday, November 10, 2012

Updated Fall Garden

Well fall has arrived in SW Florida.  The days are beautiful in the 70-low 80 degree weather, and evenings are cool.  I've harvested most of the cucumbers for this season, and made my first batch of sweet bread and butter pickles.  Boy did they come out fabulous if I must say so myself.  Now the aphids have attached them, however on the plus side, I get to watch all of the ladybugs dance around the garden.

My tomatoes are looking just wonderful, and I'm getting anxious to harvest them soon, and learn how to can my vegetables.  I'll be researching how to do this on the edis website at:  This website is just full of information regarding planting times for northern, central and south florida, also they give their recommendations for selection of vegetable varieties that are best suited to our climate.

Here is a current picture of my winter red cabbage.  It is getting bigger every single day.  The inner heads are just forming, and the regular cabbage is to the left.  My broccoli is looking good also, however the cauliflower and yellow beans are not fairing as well.  I will have to do some more research on the beans, but I think my method of irrigation may be the cause of what looks like rust.  We've since taken care of this problem by adding drip irrigation to almost all of my garden beds, to which my husband replied: "your kidding me right?" LOL.  No, I said this was a work in progress didn't I?  And a learning curve needs to be taken into account, however the pocketbook doesn't understand this.  Oh well, nobody ever said a hobby was cheap.

My tomatoes.  I have a grape variety that is almost 8ft. tall right now!

Looking at the garden from the back to front.  

My butter crunch lettuce ready to be picked, and some small bell peppers.

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