Monday, November 12, 2012

Some of the edible vegetables and fruit from my garden

This is just some of the vegetables and fruit that I've harvested so far. I have some bell peppers, green beans cherry tomatoes and even a cantaloupe!

I harvested sweet potatoes back in September, however after some considerable reading I learned you cannot eat the sweet potatoes right out of the ground as they are virtually tasteless, so you have to cure them outside for a week and then store them for over 2 to 3 months before they become sweet enough to eat. Who knew right? Well they should be ready just in time for Thanksgiving though!  Will let you know how the sweet potato casserole turns out, and share my favorite recipe for it too.

This cantaloupe was very small, and I almost threw it in the compost bin.  It turned yellow on the vine, and as I was bringing it in the house, my husband said "your not bringing that in the house are you?" lol.  I said well yes I am, so that I could cut it open and see where I had failed or if something had gotten in it.  It was ripe and juicy and I ate it on the spot!  They are stunted though on the vine, and only about the size of a grapefruit.  I'm thinking lack of fertilizer and water may have been the culprit.

A tisket a tasket my sweet potatoes in a basket :-)

You can see the size of these sweet potatoes, they are HUGE!!  Not bad for my first time growing them.  Of course they were not all this size, and I would like to try the above ground hay method with fencing next time just to see if the yield is better, and if it saves my back from all the digging.  I'll keep you up-to-date on that one and blog all about it next spring.

Just some of the green beans, peppers and tomatoes of the garden.  

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