Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fried green tomatoes Yummmm

I hope everyone hade a safe and happy thanksgiving. We had a great day at our house and enjoyed the most delicious sweet potato casserole ever. We used the cured sweet potatoes from the garden and it truly was a hit. I think that they have been curing now for about 3 months. 

Also, I just harvested 7 large green tomatoes and cooked them up for a Black Friday feast. Boy were they delicious. Here is to kicking off the holiday season!


Here is a few current photos of the garden.

The broccoli are getting bigger every day I see them, just not sure how much longer I should wait to harvest

This is some of the Buttercrunh lettuce, and it tasted so good, I just had to plant another bed of them. 

This is the additional bed of Buttercrunch Lettuce (right front), Onions (right back), Eggplant (back left), and Spring Mix salad greens (left front)

Several of my tomato plants.

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