Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The broccoli are coming,the broccoli are coming!

Out in my garden after three days of work and what do I find? The broccoli heads already sprouting. Yippee!! I know I sound a bit crazy, however it's my first run at growing broccoli and It gives me great satisfaction in knowing that all of our hard work is paying off.

I've noticed that I have some yellowing leaves on the base of the stalk and pulled off the more far gone leaves, hoping that's the correct thing to do.

Also I harvested some butter crunch lettuce, spinach, yellow beans, although just a small handful of those, and one lonely tomato.

What surprised me however, was that after just 3 days of not seeing my garden and two small sprinklings if rain, my tomatoes already have fungal disease on their leaves. I've picked the worst of them off, and threw them away.  Personally I don't put them in the composter because I'm afraid of spreading diseases.

I will be doing a whole page dedicated to what I've learned about pests and diseases for the SouthWest region of Florida very soon, in addition to my thoughts on what type of soil to use for raised beds.


  1. What a great looking crop, hope you have a lot of broccoli to make a nice salad. What do you do about the bugs though?


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